Maximum Security Encryption 
The MSE RFK 1.1 Encryption (Maximum Security Encryption: Random File Keys) was created in QBASIC 4.5.
The purpose of MSE RFK is simple, to make the best encryption possible for universal data safety. It has a sound, 
state of the art algorithm. The algorithm itself is also key coded with a 4K Random RFK Code, and a 40K
specific-user random generation (SURG) Protection. Combined, I call these the Data Class Protection System (DCPS).
The SURG Protection for every user is generated upon the creation of his Account. All Account(s) are put into RFK.DAT. 
This file is also encrypted with a different DCPS. This is for the protection of compromization.

The Graphics Interface was on another level. How this was done is through Paint Shop Pro. It was a very long 
process, but it was worth it. The Graphics would be drawn in PSP6 and mapped out in zoom mode onto a piece of 
paper. Then PSETted into BASIC through Ancient, and rather time-consuming technology. But it made a great effect. 
And when added with Geometry, It came alive throughout the program.