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To open a file into QB45, have QB45 installed correctly, then get the file. This can
be done by left clicking on the Zip files and clicking save, to your qb directory. 
Then use Winzip or a simular program to unzipp them. To get the code from the .BAS
files, left click them. It will show you the code. Goto file --> save as --> and type
in the name of the file and location for it *(I store all my qb files in my qb directory).

Mse.zip	(view source, documentation, test the encryption!)  
An encryption program, 4378 lines long, which fully supports keys and importing/  exporting 
them with a great algorithm and nice graphics. This is a  must. You are lucky to even get the 
source code but the thing won't  compile. Version: RFK MSE BETA v1.1  
This is the newest version.               


This was a program written for a school project which has two main  functions, it can either search
for grocery items from krogers and wilsons  or you can do an accumulative items survey and it will
tell you the price  at kroger, the price at wilsons, the difference, and the best buy.              


This program is simular to the other pixel programs, but in this  program, the pixels change sizes
according to the up/down keys.

This program is exactly like the above one, but you also have a  new feature in which you can use
the arrow keys to move the pixels  around. It is neat, check it out.

This program bounces pixels around the screen. It has features  like stopping all pixels, only half of
them, or reversing them.   

This is an INKEY$ demonstration which can control the length of  the output text and its format. It 
also shows other statistics. 
This is the program that the qbasic scripts are ran through. To run  a script, after you download qb45.zip
and unzip it using WinZip  or Pkunzip run qb.exe. Goto File -->Open-->(filename). This  will load the file
into Qbasic. Now hit F5 to run it.If you don't want to download it from here, it is on all Windows 95 CD's,
so just search for it.  Also, it comes on harddrives preinstalled or installed with dos or windows so still 
search for it  on the c:\ drive.