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My name is Max and I am a Christian. I do not agree with abortion, transgenderism, or same sex marriage. I may have lost some of you right there, but it is true. I don't condemn you, but I speak the truth in love regardless of it's popularity in and out of season. If you have had an abortion, my condolences and I love you. By no stretch of the imagination am I perfect, but I speak the truth in love.

"So, who is Mike Smith?" no one asks.

This is a man with integrity that believes in God (Do you?)

Are these things important? They are to me, as they are coming from my core beliefs as a Christ follower. I love the Lord and seek to please Him.

Can Mike Smith solve all of America's problems? No. America has serious problems and has abandoned God. Only God can solve a nations problems. And God will not. Not until the nation sees the error in its way, humbles itself, and seeks God wholeheartedly (2 Chron 7:14.)

We are being told things from evangelical leaders such as this:
"To those who say their conscience won't allow them to vote for either Trump or Clinton, who simply won't vote at all. I sincerely respect your convictions, but in this election, that argument fails the logic test (as does voting for someone who cannot possibly win)."

Here are my reasons, based on my own convictions and confirmed by voices in the wilderness on roads less traveled:
1. My choice is based on the leading of the Holy Spirit, not logic. To state that Republican nominee is the logical choice, is a logical statement, but God operates beyond man's fallible intellect. Can we box God into boolean logic? There was no logical outcome for the Israelites pressed against the Red Sea by the attacking Egyptian army, except for death, and yet God made a way. It was not logical for Jesus to appoint the 12 apostles from fishermen and tax collectors, obscure men and not learned men, not Rabbis, none of the Pharisees, Sanhedrin, no scribes, no lawyers, no men of influence. But that's exactly what he did. The twelve foundational apostles of the church are these men.

2. My choice is not based on perceived futility. There is a lack of faith in the statement "impossible for another to win" (non Democratic, non Republican.) Again, is God to be boxed in? Is God to be mocked? Did we forget it is God who sets up rulers and removes them "He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning." (Daniel 2:21)?

3. My choice is based on candidate character. When God chose David the shepherd boy to be king, it was clear that David was not favored in comparison to his older brothers. Nonetheless, God made him King and had this to say: "The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." (See 1 Samuel 16 for the whole account.) To this end of the choice being based on candidate character, I cannot in good conscience vote for Trump or Hillary.

4. The ends will never justify the means. We're told ends (Conservative Supreme Court justices) justify the means (voting for Trump), but they do not. To clarify this statement, I support conservative Supreme Court justices. However, the ends will never justify the means.

5. My example, Jesus, was not political. Jesus under Roman Empire - wasn't political. Read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and this should be pretty straightforward. So I did not choose a person based on political affiliation or the pressure for adhering to political correctness; instead, I am liberated to choose the candidate that I believe is the best candidate.

Reasons I will not support Trump:
The thing my family finds difficult is how we can explain that to our daughters one day, going in we knew what we know about Trump, his ownership of strip clubs, him being on the cover of Playboy Magazine, the sound clip dredged up where he talked about groping women, the things he has said -- and is still saying -- about women, POWs, foreigners, etc., and still voted for him. I agree with grace for people who have truly repented of past lives. I do not think that a person's history alone should disqualify them from the presidency. But even into the present, we are seeing Trump verbally assaulting people. This is a brazen character that doesn't seem very loving. These things are also unprofessional.

Reasons I will not support Hillary:
I will not vote for Hillary based on family values and the issue of abortion, which is a grave and very serious issue to me. It is a serious problem that nearly 60 million abortions have occurred in America since Rowe v. Wade. America is in judgment for this. We are called to protect children. Where are the rights of the unborn? You say it is a mother's choice; it remains first degree premeditated murder of innocent life in God's eyes. The doctors and nurses involved in abortion have blood on their hands as well.

These are the reasons I voted for Mike Smith. If you check out Mike Smith's Facebook Page, you will be able to locate a Candidate Guide which shows his stance on about 28 major issues. In case you are wondering, yes I take more than the issues I have mentioned into account when voting. Education, Israel, military, ISIS, Iran, Obamacare, healthcare, etc - all of these things are important.

You may think that my vote does not matter, but I believe in God's eyes that it does matter. Life matters. Morals matter. Acknowledging and honoring God instead of rebelling against God brazenly and pretending that God does not exist, this matters.

I suggest any Christian voting to take a look at this article before voting. It is very, very long, but a good and serious, important read:
Four issues to consider before your support Trump: What is really at stake.

Also for anyone interested, Mike Smith's Presidential Announcement Video (~12 minutes.)

One final note that whoever inhabits the office of President of the United States of America, we are called to honor our authorities and pray for them (1 Tim 2:1-2.)

All glory to God in the highest,
- Max