Jacob and Esau

Todd, I am not sure what all you will receive from this if you go through all of these. The ones I have listed go through the bulk of Jacob and Esau's conflict, from fighting in the womb to Jacob ultimately receiving the birthright and blessing. One thing you will find is this debunks common misconceptions and asks you to re-frame with a new, fresh perspective that is derived soley/directly from the Word of God. The biggest thing I have received from this story having gone through these lessons over the last couple of weeks is not directly with the conflict between the mother, father, and brothers, but instead God's sovereignty. The story shows that despite the sinful actions of man, God's purposes are set from the beginning and do not change and are carried through to completion.

A few more lessons to be located


The source is Verse By Verse ministries Genesis 2011 study which goes through the entire book of Genesis from end to end and in entirety is very good.